• Toning up the level of pharmaceutical education and research by training the future teachers, research scientists and managers for the industry and profession.
  • Continuing education programmes
  • Creation of Centres to cater to the needs of pharmaceutical industries and other research and teaching institutes
  • Collaboration with Indian industries to meet the global challenges
  • National/International collaborative research
  • Curriculum and media development
  • Study of sociological aspects of drug 'use and abuse', and rural pharmacy, etc
  • Conducting programmes on drug surveillance, community pharmacy and pharmaceutical management


Having set highest standard for quality medical education, Sri Aurobindo Institute of Medical Sciences ventures into the field of technical education with Sri Aurobindo Institute of Pharmacy (SAIP) in 2009 with Bachelor of Pharmacy Course and Master of Pharmacy Courses in different specialization have been started in the year 2012. Sri Aurobindo Institute of Pharmacy is a Institute in pharmaceutical sciences with a proclaimed objective of becoming a centre of excellence for advanced studies and research in pharmaceutical sciences. The Institute is conceived to provide leadership in all areas of Pharmacy.


"To become a globally recognized brand in the areas of education and research in pharmaceutical sciences for the benefit of people of India and other countries and the growth of the pharmaceutical industry."


  • Imparting quality education in the areas of Pharmaceutical Sciences..
  • Promotion of innovative and translation research.
  • Study of national/ international pharmaceutical policy issues.
  • Collaboration with pharma industries to meet the global challenges.
  • Pharmacovigilance of various classifications
  • Conducting programmes on drug surveillance including study of sociological aspects of drug 'use and abuse'.
  • Community pharmacy and pharmaceutical management.
  • Continuing education programme.