Principal’s Message


SAIP-Indore after its inception in 2009, has been delivering quality education to the students and denotes for its excellence in the field of Pharmaceuticals and Research. One of our strengths is the value based education and research programs. With highly qualified staffs in various areas, our faculty offers numerous academic and research opportunities to prospective students both at the graduate and postgraduate levels. The Institute offers B. Pharm and M. Pharm in Pharmaceutics, Pharmaceutical Chemistry and Pharmacology.

Our distinguished faculty work directly with our students to educate them on latest discoveries, development and practices in the field of pharmaceutical sciences. Our quality budding Pharmacists have potential to promote the growth of pharmaceutical industry by manufacturing drugs of high quality. The student develops self confidence and determination to settle in their career. The institution support to improve the students’ language skills and personality development which helps them to get good employment.


Professor & Principal


Director’s Message


Sri Aurobindo Institute of Pharmacy, Indore started in the year 2009, is providing quality education in the field of Pharmaceutical Sciences.This institute was started with the sole objective that, the youth of this region get expertise in the technical skills of Pharmaceutical education so that they become useful assets for the Country by manufacturing drugs of high quality and also serve the suffering and ailing humanity.

SAIP-Indore is one of the leading educational Institutes in Indore and we are deeply proud of our traditions and values that our staff and graduates have collectively passed on and cherished. This is a trend that we continue to hold strongly in our hearts and minds as the true value of our organization. Our strength is our highly qualified and experienced faculty, well equipped laboratories and excellent infrastructure. The students of the previous batches have been placed in reputed Pharma industries.

I offer my best wishes to the students to put their goal at right place.

Prof. S. C. Chaturvedi

Director, SAIP-Indore